Name three bands or musicians that you hope to see live some day.

I don’t want to put down any of the bands/musicians that are on this list, but i have seen most of the bands i really wanna see, Rob Zombie touring the UK and Foo Fighters in Milton Keynes almost finished the list, i’d love to have seen bands like Nirvana & The Beatles but it was never to be, if they hadn’t have re-formed recently i would have also had Carter USM on this list, but seeing as they’ve played 10 gigs since they re-formed and i’ve only missed 2 of them, i can’t complain.

So here are the 3 that are left on my I want to see list

Polysics – was a 4 piece from Japan, toured here many times, but twice after i “discovered” them, unfortionatly both times i was nowhere near where they were playing, hoping they will come back sooner than later (wonder if i can smuggle my camera in)

Colin Hay – Was in Men at Work, mostly famous for “I Come from a Land Down Under”, but Scrubs brought him to me with some of his solo stuff, which is really really good. He doesn’t seem to tour the UK as much as the US & Aus – even though he’s Scottish

Kimya Dawson – came to my vision via Juno, and heard loads more, usually quite comical in some ways, but some songs are quite sweet, including one about he mom being really ill, and one about 9/11 – she was meant to tour the UK with a band last year, but never made it over, and said on twitter she has started to be scared of flying, but shes playing Aus this year so hopefully she’s over that and will be coming the UK.

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