If you could be involved in making a movie, would you rather act or direct?

I have acted in the past, when i was younger (teens and before) but i’m quite shy really, and even though i used to be in a band and show off on stage, i’m not sure i could act in a film. Although if someone wants to pay me to try i would do 😉 but i would rather be behind the scenes, not just a director, anything else, camera man (love doing photos) or even set design or such like… i have tried writing a few times but as you can probably tell by my long blogs, i’m not the most verbose person. It seems to be writing problem really, i can talk better than i can write.

I would like to direct, i think reading some scripts, i can see some good ideas in my mind, but it’s being able to put them on film (as was) but i doubt i’ll get the chance

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