Merry Christmas

Just a quick one to say Merry Christmas… We’re having goose not turkey today (hopefully) see y’all in the new year (when more photos will be posted on the other blog)

Winter Reading List

Well i currently have 3 books i'm working my way through…. 1) Bad Science by Ben Goldacre This is a really good book basically a science version of Mythbusters, no explosions but lots of facts 2) A Simples… Read More

My Most Non-Traditional Holiday Tradition

It is Wonderful! well it wasn't intended to be a traditional thing, but for the last 3 years we've been to see "It's a wonderful life" bu Frank Capra at the cornerhouse cinema in Manchester, it's a lovely… Read More

Daily Photos

Well i know i said last week that it would be posts on a monday… well i decided the random photos that i’ve taken over time i’d post them out one at a time, with explanations if they… Read More

My Favorite Holiday Film

Now to pick this… i did consider the Star Wars Holiday Special, and then a couple of TV programs – Dear Dad from M*A*S*H but it had to be… It's gotta be… a really good story, actually sticks… Read More

Coming Soon

Well i set this part of the web-site up with no real idea what i was going to do on it… and still not really got much of an idea… i was planning on doing a holiday diary… Read More

Random notes in my phone…

these are just a list of random notes i’ve made over time in my phone… at least over the last 4-5 years… Not gonna give any meaning behind any of them… cos some of them i can’t remember… Read More