My Stress Level….

Stress I don't tend to get stressed too much, although my current job has some very strict deadlines, and been doing 10 hour days some days… and while this is going on, i've also been trying to buy… Read More

My Hometown

Wallgate, Wigan I think the lyrics for Dirty Old Town sum up Wigan as well as Salford about were it was written… although so do the lyrics to My Town by Kermitz Middle Finger – can't believe the… Read More

Carter USM Wiki

Well after the announcement of the gigs, and the video and everything this week… this is the Wiki that i run for all carter gubbins, with lyrics for all the songs and some of the lines explained… there… Read More


Well today at 9am, the pre-sale tickets went on sale… and i got the ones i wanted… 🙂 looking forward to it again, was glad there wasn’t any gigs last year, has made this years a little more… Read More

Carter USM – They’re BACK!

No Photos this week….

Do you prefer to talk or text?

iPhone Keyboard I'm definatly a texter, i absolutly hate ringing people up, i'd much rather send a e-mail, text, tweet, i usually end up stuttering when i'm ringing someone i don't know, i also hate answering the phone…… Read More

Why I’m (Never) Going Digital

IMG_0096.JPG I've tried reading books on my iphone – i gave up trying, i do occasionally read camera guides and other technical things on a computer but, actually reading a novel, it doesn't quite work right… not sure… Read More