My favorite ways to stay warm in winter?

Real Fire

My favourite old movie

Old movie? well going on old being released before i was born, i will narrow it down to 3-5 movies The Italian Job – Original – Remake The Great Escape – IMDB Link It’s a Wonderful Life –… Read More

What historical event would you attend if you were able to time travel?

The building of stone henge, just to see HOW they did it, even if we couldn’t communicate enough to find out WHY they did it… And exactly what it’s used for… Or stealing a Red Dwarf joke, i’d… Read More

If you could be involved in making a movie, would you rather act or direct?

I have acted in the past, when i was younger (teens and before) but i’m quite shy really, and even though i used to be in a band and show off on stage, i’m not sure i could… Read More

What are your must-see TV shows?

Currently in no particular order Mythbusters House Glee Terra Nova QI Thundercats The Big Bang Theory Ice Road Truckers The Guild Come Dine With Me Currently also watching on DVD Alias Quantum Leap

Whats your favorite scary movie?

Well the title does take you down the Scream route, and therefor Wes Craven & the Freddy series, most of which are enjoyable as they are, if a bit laughable now.. Along with the friday the 13th movies… Read More

Can you play any musical instruments?

Well 90% of the people who’ll read this know that i do infact play musical instruments, as i spent 5 years playing mandolin and guitar in a band, The Atomic Hound Dog and since then i’ve sat in… Read More

If you could bring one fictional character to life for a day, who would you choose?

Well as i’m currently listening to the Harry Potter Audio books, one character springs to mind, Dumbledore, just to sit and chat over a butter beer or two (yes, geek i know) 🙂 it would be interesting to… Read More

What do you wish you knew more about?

Engineery things, everytime i wat h mythbusters it shows me how little i know about that, i tried to solder a small circuit the other week and it’s gone wrong, 1/2 was working, now none of it is…… Read More

Would you rather have one free trip to space or free international travel for life?

Free travel for life, just think of all the places you could go visit, and photograph 🙂 I’ve always wanted to do a safari, then you have places like iceland, with all the volcanos & geyzers and the… Read More