My Hometown

Wallgate, Wigan

I think the lyrics for Dirty Old Town sum up Wigan as well as Salford about were it was written… although so do the lyrics to My Town by Kermitz Middle Finger – can't believe the site is still there with working MP3's

Actually i'm probably painting a bad impression of the town, i do love it, to a point… and i've lived there for around 30 years… (i say around as i 1/2 moved away due to working away and spending the weekend at my girlfriends) and will be moving away in the next few weeks

but Wigan, home of George Formby, Uncle Joe's Mint Balls, Limahl from Kajagoogoo, Barry from Starsailor, The Tansads, Wigan Pier, the book "The Road to Wigan Pier" by George Orwell (not from Wigan) and of course where The Verve formed, is a very northern town, it's an ex-coal mining town, and has the Leeds to Liverpool Canal running through it.

The part where i grew up is quite nice, there is a woods near by, and lots of places to play were you shouldn't play, basically a run off of water from local factories, and some derelict factories. The town center is your usual McPubs & Shops, and all the interesting little shops are slowly closing down. BUT i did (and do still) love the place, it's the old bollocks, i wouldn't be who i was today without the place (and then people) who i met there…

Wigan, it's shit, but it's MY shit…

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