What are your favorite things to photograph?

Cats, Big Cats – Tigers, Cheetahs, Snow Leopards, Leopards, Lions, and all the other wild cats that are out there would be some of my favourite things, I do want to do an african safari one day, and get some wild lions, leopards & cheetahs… and if we ever won the lottery, one of the holidays would be to see wild snow leopards (almost impossible, but hey, we’d have money!) but anyone who’s reading this will know about me & cats, just because of the main photography blog being as full as it is with cats

Bands too (and solo artists) i really enjoy doing them too, it’s very similar to photographing animals, you get them in your sights and wait for something interesting to happen

now also what a lot of people don’t know is i’d love to try doing people, just straight portraits. but it’s very hard to find models. Plus i don’t have all the right lighting really, but natural light can work just as well if you do it right.

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