Have you ever been on stage?

Well those who know me semi-well will know that for about 5 years i played in a band, so was on stage quite a lot then, i have also “guested” with a friends band occasionally, however when i was younger at primary school, i was in the school play, i was in Bugsy Malone, I was one of the random boxers & a down & out – well i actually had a speaking part as a down & out, i was Babyface – wonder why they gave me that part, I think we still have a video copy of it somewhere and want to transfer it onto computer, IF and it’s a big IF, i ever get around to it, I’ll post it as a download for everyone else who was in it… And the year before i was in Bugsy Malone, i was in the Rose Queen at school, i was a Herald, i had to mime a trumpet blast and read a speech, this is also on video. AND when i was a high school, a friend was part of a drama club, i went a few times and ended up playing a giant in a panto, i think i had about 2 lines and 2 weeks to learn them..

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