My favorite ways to stay warm in winter?

Real Fire

The Atomic Hound Dog

Well most of you know i used to be in a band, and i started to set all this up about a year or so ago, but real life & all that – i decided to start on it again and kinda forcing myself to put it all together

if you want visit – it will be being updated as time goes on…

My favourite old movie

Old movie? well going on old being released before i was born, i will narrow it down to 3-5 movies

The Italian Job – OriginalRemake
The Great Escape – IMDB Link
It’s a Wonderful Life – IMDB Link
King Kong – OriginalOriginalOriginal
Wizard Of Oz – OriginalRemake (Kinda)
M*A*S*H – Original FilmSeries
Rollerball – OriginalRemake (a bit shit really)
Deathrace 2000 – OriginalRemake
The Marx Brothers –
Willy Wonka & Chocolate factory – OriginalRemake

or maybe a top 10…
and 1/2 of them have been remade… some more than once…

What historical event would you attend if you were able to time travel?

The building of stone henge, just to see HOW they did it, even if we couldn’t communicate enough to find out WHY they did it… And exactly what it’s used for…

Or stealing a Red Dwarf joke, i’d go to Dallas 21/11/62 stand on the grassy knoll and shout “Duck”

And if it was a TARDIS rather than a Time Machine (moves in space too) i’d land on the moon and wave hello to Neil Armstrong 🙂

If you could be involved in making a movie, would you rather act or direct?

I have acted in the past, when i was younger (teens and before) but i’m quite shy really, and even though i used to be in a band and show off on stage, i’m not sure i could act in a film. Although if someone wants to pay me to try i would do 😉 but i would rather be behind the scenes, not just a director, anything else, camera man (love doing photos) or even set design or such like… i have tried writing a few times but as you can probably tell by my long blogs, i’m not the most verbose person. It seems to be writing problem really, i can talk better than i can write.

I would like to direct, i think reading some scripts, i can see some good ideas in my mind, but it’s being able to put them on film (as was) but i doubt i’ll get the chance

What are your must-see TV shows?

Currently in no particular order

Terra Nova
The Big Bang Theory
Ice Road Truckers
The Guild
Come Dine With Me

Currently also watching on DVD
Quantum Leap

Whats your favorite scary movie?

Well the title does take you down the Scream route, and therefor Wes Craven & the Freddy series, most of which are enjoyable as they are, if a bit laughable now.. Along with the friday the 13th movies and the later Halloween films, they are just fun.

Now remakes, the Friday the 13th remake & Texas Chainsaw masacre were just comical, more splatter gore than horror, although i really did enjoy the Rob Zombie remake of Halloween, who has also done a few other really good horror films, my favourite of which is The Devils Rejects.

Another good remake and original film, was The Grudge, mostly cos the remake was made by the same people who made the original, with a minor plot change from the original Japanese film, whih along with The Ring Series (and not a horror but Battle Royale) are amoungst some of my favourite films (add the Korean film Oldboy in too for the collection)

And finally, thanks to a musical friend who supplied some music for a film, i discovered a British film maker by the name of Pat Higgins, who so far has released 4 films, with a couple more in production etc, these are : Trashhouse, KillerKiller, Hellbride & The Devils Music. The new ones are an anthology film and a film written by but not directed called “Strippers vs Werewolves”

But i’d recomend people finding KillerKiller on DVD and The Devils Music which is available on-line

Can you play any musical instruments?

Well 90% of the people who’ll read this know that i do infact play musical instruments, as i spent 5 years playing mandolin and guitar in a band, The Atomic Hound Dog and since then i’ve sat in on a friends band a couple of times, and am planning in the not too distant future to write a new song with a friend of mine, what most people don’t know is how many instruments i actually have…

5-string Banjo
3 electric guitars (2 x strat & 1 tele)
12 string acoustic
6 string acoustic
Spanish guitar
2 mandolins
Alpalachian dulcimer
Travel acoustic guitar
None working autoharp

Plus, stylaphone & theramin

If you could bring one fictional character to life for a day, who would you choose?

Well as i’m currently listening to the Harry Potter Audio books, one character springs to mind, Dumbledore, just to sit and chat over a butter beer or two (yes, geek i know) 🙂 it would be interesting to see an outside point of view on what we do

Also Jesus would be quite an interesting fictional characer to bring to life.

What do you wish you knew more about?

Engineery things, everytime i wat h mythbusters it shows me how little i know about that, i tried to solder a small circuit the other week and it’s gone wrong, 1/2 was working, now none of it is… But the 3D unit i’ve knocked together seems to work, and hopefully will build on that experience and make an even better one, just need to get a beam-splitter & a mirror and i’m sorted…