The willow-y woman comes with out a sound
she has a rainbow in her hand
brings joy & laughter to anyone around

A kolidascope of Colours
A forenzy of feeling
bringing lite to childrens eyes
and meaning to mine

Bright, White Light
wonderful sight at Night
Dawn to Dusk through Day
A sunshine Ray of hope

Untittled #4

Late last nite i couldn’t sleep
had her face in my mind
going round like an incesant beat
so pure, so true, so kind

My thoughts carressing her
My deeds remebering her
my eyes seeing her
my mind catching her

so pure like a snow white dove
crying out for her mate
i wait for
my one true love

Another Day

Kiss the flame
And you might get burnt
But you’ll always come back
For another turn

Why in a crowded room
Do I feel alone? (With you?)
Like the only man on the moon
Lets/I hope this feeling fades soon

“If your afraid of wolves
Stay out the woods”
Someone once said
But did that stop me going in

The best things never come
To those who wait
They always drift past
For another day

They just drift past for another day
They just drift past for another day
Another day, another day
Another day is coming your way


Love is real
Is love real?

In love & life
Losing yourself inside their eyes
Opening yourself to the outside
Victims of Cupid’s arrow
Explaining everything withour saying anything
Taking nothing but giving all
Excepting nothing but receiving all with gratitude
Hear what I say

Is love real?
love IS real

Untittled 2

All my feelings in a box
locked up, kept away, pushed away
for the need to see you

just doesn’t hurt anymore
no pain, no nothing
just numbness

the shallow feeling of friendship
is that enough to hold me
can you offer more
will i take it

I don’t know what i want anymore
i don’t know who i want anymore
i don’t know why i want anymore
i don’t know when i want anymore

i just want, something, anything, everything

Lonliness Lives

Lonliness Lives inside of me
Keeping me compnay
my insanity keeping me sane
all the little voice inside my brain

lonliness lived in my reality
no-one else could hear him only me
like a friend nobody saw
their brains set to ignore

lonliness lived outside of me
looking around other i could see
people who where just like me
i wish i could make them see
they’re not alone with me


Trapped inside these four walls
no way out, no way in
watching the stars…
trapped inside these four walls

trapped inside these three walls
don;t want to stay, don’t want to move
have to leave, can;t wait
trapped inside these three walls

Trapped inside these two walls
rain coming in from above
sitting waiting, wondering, why
trapped inside these two walls

trapped inside this one wall
leaning against my only support
can’t see the only way out
trapped inside this one wall

trapped inside these no walls
looking around seeing for miles
don’t want to move, don’t want to stay
trapped inside these no walls