What game show would you like to be a contestant on?

When i was younger i was always really good at Catchphase with Roy “Say What You See” Walker. So always wanted to go on that, not sure if it still exists, i know it was on daytime TV at one point

I’ve also said i’d love to try the course for Total Wipeout, not actually go on it, but just have a bit of fun on it, and the same with Ninja Warrior, see if i can make it onto obstacle 2 for that…

I do know a lot of trivia, but a lot of people know a lot more than me, so i don’t think I’d ever want to go on a quiz show

Have you ever been on stage?

Well those who know me semi-well will know that for about 5 years i played in a band, so was on stage quite a lot then, i have also “guested” with a friends band occasionally, however when i was younger at primary school, i was in the school play, i was in Bugsy Malone, I was one of the random boxers & a down & out – well i actually had a speaking part as a down & out, i was Babyface – wonder why they gave me that part, I think we still have a video copy of it somewhere and want to transfer it onto computer, IF and it’s a big IF, i ever get around to it, I’ll post it as a download for everyone else who was in it… And the year before i was in Bugsy Malone, i was in the Rose Queen at school, i was a Herald, i had to mime a trumpet blast and read a speech, this is also on video. AND when i was a high school, a friend was part of a drama club, i went a few times and ended up playing a giant in a panto, i think i had about 2 lines and 2 weeks to learn them..

If My Pet Could Talk

Even Big Pussy Cats need to Stretch..:O)

Well i don't actually have a pet as such, however my GF's cat, LOVES me… honestly.. 🙂 surprised i don't wake up dead some days… and other days, all she wants to do is cuddle up to me, it's either that or she wants to push me out of the bed….

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My Stress Level….


I don't tend to get stressed too much, although my current job has some very strict deadlines, and been doing 10 hour days some days… and while this is going on, i've also been trying to buy a house, you know one of the most stressful things to do… but i've always been pretty laid back… and i think thats helped…

additional – well between originally writting this and it being pubished – my stress level went through the roof, and came back down…

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My Hometown

Wallgate, Wigan

I think the lyrics for Dirty Old Town sum up Wigan as well as Salford about were it was written… although so do the lyrics to My Town by Kermitz Middle Finger – can't believe the site is still there with working MP3's

Actually i'm probably painting a bad impression of the town, i do love it, to a point… and i've lived there for around 30 years… (i say around as i 1/2 moved away due to working away and spending the weekend at my girlfriends) and will be moving away in the next few weeks

but Wigan, home of George Formby, Uncle Joe's Mint Balls, Limahl from Kajagoogoo, Barry from Starsailor, The Tansads, Wigan Pier, the book "The Road to Wigan Pier" by George Orwell (not from Wigan) and of course where The Verve formed, is a very northern town, it's an ex-coal mining town, and has the Leeds to Liverpool Canal running through it.

The part where i grew up is quite nice, there is a woods near by, and lots of places to play were you shouldn't play, basically a run off of water from local factories, and some derelict factories. The town center is your usual McPubs & Shops, and all the interesting little shops are slowly closing down. BUT i did (and do still) love the place, it's the old bollocks, i wouldn't be who i was today without the place (and then people) who i met there…

Wigan, it's shit, but it's MY shit…

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Carter USM Wiki

Well after the announcement of the gigs, and the video and everything this week…
this is the Wiki that i run for all carter gubbins, with lyrics for all the songs and some of the lines explained…
there is always need for bits to be updated… so if anyone wants to try and fix stuff… feel free…


Well today at 9am, the pre-sale tickets went on sale… and i got the ones i wanted… 🙂
looking forward to it again, was glad there wasn’t any gigs last year, has made this years a little more special…
CARTER USM if anyone wants any… 🙂

Carter USM – They’re BACK!

No Photos this week….

Do you prefer to talk or text?

iPhone Keyboard

I'm definatly a texter, i absolutly hate ringing people up, i'd much rather send a e-mail, text, tweet, i usually end up stuttering when i'm ringing someone i don't know, i also hate answering the phone… if it's someone i know i'm fine… It does annoy me sometimes that you have to have so many minutes per month, i currently have 600 minutes and have used 100… texts on the other hand, i occasionally used up the 500 i had on my last contract… now i have unlimited, now just need to get the minutes down and the data up…

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Why I’m (Never) Going Digital


I've tried reading books on my iphone – i gave up trying, i do occasionally read camera guides and other technical things on a computer but, actually reading a novel, it doesn't quite work right… not sure if i actually got a ipad if it would be better as it's bigger but… until i get one, i won't know…

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