Would you rather have one free trip to space or free international travel for life?

Free travel for life, just think of all the places you could go visit, and photograph 🙂

I’ve always wanted to do a safari, then you have places like iceland, with all the volcanos & geyzers and the northern lights, plus deserts and everywhere else… (i thought i’d best wrap it up before i mentioned every landscape (including Hoth))

Where as the space trip would be space… Empty space… OK you’d get a great blue marble photo but… The rest of it… Nah…

Make a prediction about how our use of technology will change in the next five years

Electric cars, it’s going that way anyway, but the turning point, will be charging points and FAST charging points, like 3/4 charge in 10 mins or so… I also think that a major supermarket needs to install sone charging points and the others will follow, same with hotels, so if Tesco & Holiday Inn installed a few then every other supermarket will follow and if it was free for people spending £5-£10 at the supermarket or free for those staying at the hotel over night… Things like that will help people pick them up quicker…

What’s the longest you’d want to live without internet access?

I would always have thought i couldn’t cope with out the internet, i’ve been on it in some shape or form since 1995. But a few months ago i went on a 3 day holiday where i couldn’t get an internet signal on my phone (nor any signal) so i just turned it off… It meant i couldn’t keep up with what friends were upto, and i had to wait to upload some of the photos i had taken, but… I didn’t miss it too much…

Describe what your handwriting looks like

I’ll do better than describe, I’ll show you.

You can tell why i like computers. My Writing has always been bad but has got worse as I’ve gotten old and write less. My main excuse is i’m dysgraphic with mild dyspraxic tendancies. The dysgraphia tends to affect my writing (as you can see) and my spelling to a point. The spelling isn’t as much of an issue as it used to be. The dypraxia just makes me slightly clumsy and thats it really

Old, abandoned buildings: Cool or creepy?

I’ll start with the simple version – they are Cool… but can be creepy, but cool over rides the creepy part. A month or so ago, we did some photos of a friends band (see main blog) and they were taken on the top floor of a mill that was un-used with someone bashing in a door, and lots of “satanic” graffiti was really good graffiti. When i was younger (early-mid-teens) there was 2 houses near ours that were abandoned, and doors & windows bricked up – and you could climb over a low roof into the house, and used to have fun walking around – never destructive though. not sure they are still there or not anymore, i wouldn’t mind trying to get some photos of them

Name three bands or musicians that you hope to see live some day.

I don’t want to put down any of the bands/musicians that are on this list, but i have seen most of the bands i really wanna see, Rob Zombie touring the UK and Foo Fighters in Milton Keynes almost finished the list, i’d love to have seen bands like Nirvana & The Beatles but it was never to be, if they hadn’t have re-formed recently i would have also had Carter USM on this list, but seeing as they’ve played 10 gigs since they re-formed and i’ve only missed 2 of them, i can’t complain.

So here are the 3 that are left on my I want to see list

Polysics – was a 4 piece from Japan, toured here many times, but twice after i “discovered” them, unfortionatly both times i was nowhere near where they were playing, hoping they will come back sooner than later (wonder if i can smuggle my camera in)

Colin Hay – Was in Men at Work, mostly famous for “I Come from a Land Down Under”, but Scrubs brought him to me with some of his solo stuff, which is really really good. He doesn’t seem to tour the UK as much as the US & Aus – even though he’s Scottish

Kimya Dawson – came to my vision via Juno, and heard loads more, usually quite comical in some ways, but some songs are quite sweet, including one about he mom being really ill, and one about 9/11 – she was meant to tour the UK with a band last year, but never made it over, and said on twitter she has started to be scared of flying, but shes playing Aus this year so hopefully she’s over that and will be coming the UK.

What are your favorite things to photograph?

Cats, Big Cats – Tigers, Cheetahs, Snow Leopards, Leopards, Lions, and all the other wild cats that are out there would be some of my favourite things, I do want to do an african safari one day, and get some wild lions, leopards & cheetahs… and if we ever won the lottery, one of the holidays would be to see wild snow leopards (almost impossible, but hey, we’d have money!) but anyone who’s reading this will know about me & cats, just because of the main photography blog being as full as it is with cats

Bands too (and solo artists) i really enjoy doing them too, it’s very similar to photographing animals, you get them in your sights and wait for something interesting to happen

now also what a lot of people don’t know is i’d love to try doing people, just straight portraits. but it’s very hard to find models. Plus i don’t have all the right lighting really, but natural light can work just as well if you do it right.

When did you first start using a computer regularly?

Well i remember in about 1992 correcting my computing teacher on a mistake he made in a basic program, so i knew basic really well by then. So i’m guessing my got my very first 8-bit computer age about 11, and when i was about 13-14 my brother had just done his ND and started his HND at college and my uncle dropped off a PC for him to do some work on, and around about that age too, a friends dad worked for a major computer company so had a few computers at the house (this is mid-90’s) and i remember in school for the last 2 years we had PC’s – which is where i got friendly with the IT Tech, which got me friendly with a lot of the staff at college…

Why do we still say “bless you” when someone sneezes?

It’s tradition – and seeing as we live in a “christian” society, it’s considered the norm, I’m an atheist, and i still say it, i think people will think your rude if you don’t I read a book recently by Penn Jilette from Penn & Teller – and he’s an atheist, and isn’t bringing his kids up religious so amongst other things brought them up to say “How Funny” when someone sneezes. I can’t think of anything better to say, someone should start a facebook group to get everyone using this

Write an alternate ending to a movie.

This was harder than i thought, i went through my film collection and i either wanted to re-write the film completely (Fantastic 4, needs at least 30 mins cutting from the 1st act… I don’t want to spend an hour watching a super hero movie to see super powers) or i really like how they end, the one that came to mind was Se7en – which is more of a joke one, ages back after a party, me & a freind nipped out to get McDonalds for everyone, and ontop of a car infront was a Shrek head on an ariel, which made us re-write the final scene of Se7en, when Brad Pitt opens the box and shreks head is in there and he falls to his knees shouting “DONKEY!