New Blog

Well this is basically so i can do a blog that’s not related to my photos. God knows if i’ll actually post much on it, but it’s here for if i need to…

Day trip to Chester

Well today has been quite good fun so far, applied for a couple of jobs, came to Chester about 1-ish and spent 4 hours wondering around the zoo and getting lots of photos and chatting to one of… Read More

Prints, Posters & Canvases

Well, thought i would add a way for people to buy some of my photos as either, prints, posters or cavases. Some of the sizes will mean a crop in someway, but thought i’d let everyone know… to… Read More

2010 – A Space Oddity

Well was quiet blogging over X-mas but was out and about doing lots of photos, and a few upgrades to this (coming soon) so hopefully in the next few days i’ll have some new photos up… and a… Read More

New Camera

Well I finally got my hands on my new canon 5d and it’s great… Nice & fast… Can’t wait to get out tomorrow to play in Lyme Park…

Waiting for Godot Home

Well… i have a brand new Canon 5d Mk ii waiting for me at home, and i’m stuck at work until tomorrow evening… and to make it worse, it’s been there since yesterday… but am out sunday with… Read More