The Atomic Hound Dog

Well most of you know i used to be in a band, and i started to set all this up about a year or so ago, but real life & all that – i decided to start on… Read More

Carter USM Wiki

Well after the announcement of the gigs, and the video and everything this week… this is the Wiki that i run for all carter gubbins, with lyrics for all the songs and some of the lines explained… there… Read More


Well today at 9am, the pre-sale tickets went on sale… and i got the ones i wanted… 🙂 looking forward to it again, was glad there wasn’t any gigs last year, has made this years a little more… Read More

Carter USM – They’re BACK!

No Photos this week….

More Random Notes

Well i found a few more random notes on one of my computers… again not gonna give any explanation to them… “i get the feeling your the type of person who’ll sit next to someone on the couch… Read More

Happy New Year

That is all… I may be drunk….

Merry Christmas

Just a quick one to say Merry Christmas… We’re having goose not turkey today (hopefully) see y’all in the new year (when more photos will be posted on the other blog)

Daily Photos

Well i know i said last week that it would be posts on a monday… well i decided the random photos that i’ve taken over time i’d post them out one at a time, with explanations if they… Read More

Coming Soon

Well i set this part of the web-site up with no real idea what i was going to do on it… and still not really got much of an idea… i was planning on doing a holiday diary… Read More

Random notes in my phone…

these are just a list of random notes i’ve made over time in my phone… at least over the last 4-5 years… Not gonna give any meaning behind any of them… cos some of them i can’t remember… Read More