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Right, a few years ago, i started to write & record a very very very rough demo version of a song with a friend of mine (she can be quite shy about her singing, so won’t mention her name), but then real life kicked in again and nothing every happened with it… it’s just sat around, in it’s very rough form… Another friend of mine recently put out an offer to remix peoples stuff, so i sent him a copy and he’s remixed it… So i thought, well see if anyone else wants to have a play…

It was recorded using really really crap microphones and plugged directly into a laptop, but i’ll refer to you these lyrics…

Slap dash for no cash
Those are the records I like
Slap dash for no cash
When something doesn't sound quite right

Why isn't everyone trying to sound like U2?
It's not a very cool thing to do
Why would you want to sound like U2?
Just press record and play it straight through
They call it lo-fi, if you say so
Cool your warm jets, Brian Eno

I love the sound of background noise
I wanna hear the crack in the singer's voice
Fingers moving on the fret board
Every time he plays a new chord
I hear his friends hanging around
I hear him play an instrument he just found
I hear a low buzzing sound
I hear his parents hanging around
I hear his parents saying "turn it down!"

Slap dash for no cash
Those are the records I buy

Lyrics by Eddie Argos of Art Brut (slightly edited for space)

All the files are there < ---- and if you do a remix, even just sampling the guitar part, or creating a whole new dance track below the vocals send it through to and i'll post it... Update :- I've posted the original version

and the 1st remix to come in from The Phantom Guitarist

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