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Parry-Cam now live again
but you can see that over there really can't you

Posted on 29 Nov 2005
Site Live
Earlier than i thought.... but thought i'd just put it up anyway...
hope you all enjoy
Posted on 24 Nov 2005
The Atomic Hound Dog No More
we'll my band split up last week - so i decided to create this web-site to keep my hand in web-design & as a place for people to gather and post general crap on message boards... this was posted WAY before the web-site was anywhere near finished so no-one will be reading this yet....

well i will be posting poems, some music, photos, even short films i've made, maybe even an update as & when i finally finish my film script....

oh and Parry cam should be up & running by the time this site goes live :)
Posted on 20 Nov 2005
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Parry Cam

All About Me

Name : Parry
DOB : 22/03/78
Yahoo : dgparryuk
AIM : dgparryuk
ICQ : 50517658
Skype : dgparryuk
My Space : dgparryuk
Face Party : dgparryuk
E-Mail :

Random Questions

If you were a crayon what colour would you be?

What song's guaranteed to get ya dancing?
YMCA, or disco inferno, TAHD wise, Somthing On Your Mind

What phrase/word do you say the most?
Prolly, cool, and erm...... so.......

What would be the 3 things you saved if your house was on fire?
Does my DVD Collection & CD Collection count as 2 choices? sadly i'd have to say my computer cos it has my entire life on it, including my little writings

Who was your first crush?
I honestly don't remember, but there where only ever 3 girls that came to my parties, Rachel, Rebecca & Susan, and i know at least 1 is married ;)

Favourite t-shirt you own?
depends what day it is, love my BUSH t-shirts at the moment, and the CUSM ones too,

Favourite movie quote?
changes per suituation i'm in :)

Favourite smell?
very none PC but bacon :)

One thing you wanna do before you die?
I'll take the 5th - but anyone who knows me will know

If you had theme music what would it be?
maybe a Madonna song

Favourite Disney film?
Does Toy Story count?

Bad habits.
Biting my nails

What's the best advice ever given to you?
be more confident

Tell me something I didn't know.

Top 5 albums ever.?
Depends what day it is....

Who's your hero?
I don't have one really, sadly..

What was the first album you ever bought?
*I* bought, was 30-Somthing Carter USM

Any pets?
Nope, i had some sea-monkeys but they died :(

What random word makes you laugh?

If you won the lottery what would be the first thing you bought?
A house of my own :)

How many stairs are in your house?

Most embarrassing moment ever?
Most people would say the walking through a night-club wearing only socks - but i didn't find that embarssesing

Worst movie you've ever seen?:
Mortury Academy - Cheers Sion

What are you scared of?:
Hights & Spiders

Favourite cake?:
Carrot, definatly

Do you drive? If so what's your car's name?:
yes, but i've never named my car

What do you want to be when you grow up?:
I still have no idea

Your favourite joke?:
2 blokes looking in a shop window, one says to the other, "thats the one i'd get" and this cyclops came around teh corner & punched him

What colours your bedspread?:
Currently Black

Have you kept you first childhood teddy?:
yeah, is somewhere around..

What was your first ever musical instrument?:

Do you own any embarrassing albums?
Does Rolf Harris count?

What's in your wallet?
Many many different things, inclduing money, cards, buisness cards, a bracelet

Favourite food?
definatly Pizza

Which super power would you most like?
I believe I can fly...
I believe i can touch the sky

What's your typical Sunday like?
Stay in bed...

Stupidest thing you've ever said?

Favourite lyric from a song?

Favourite things.

Drink of choice?
Southern Comfort

What do you do when you're bored?

Best hangover cure?
Ful fry up

Marmite. love it or hate it?
Hate it