Carter USM, The Frank & Walters & Tim Ten Yen – Manchester Academy

Well it’s Jim’s Birthday today so 1st I’d like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jim, after he gave us 2 great nights over the weekend, secondly I’d like to thank Les for sorting out the passes so i could get these photos…. and thirdly – fingers crossed I’ll be posting the Brixton photos tomorrow but it may be Thursday. The Brixton photos will be The Frank & Walters, Sultans of Ping, Carter USM AND… Clinton USM all the way from Japan

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Tim Ten Yen
Tim Ten Yen - Manchester Academy

The Frank & Walters
The Frank & Walters - Manchester Academy

Carter USM (aka Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine)
Carter USM - Manchester Academy - Jimbob

Camera Tricks

Well i was bored while working away so decided to try a couple of self portraits to see how well i can play with stuff… not the best pics in the world… and one of ones i tried i’m not even putting up it came out so bad (but the idea worked)

2 link below, although the 2nd one only has that one photo in… the 1st one has another image with it…

Mow Cop Castle

Well this was more of a recon mission, we’re hoping to head up here one night and get some star trails, so decided it would make more sense to check it out first… so we didn’t get lost in the dark…

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Nelson Street grafitti in Bristol

Well my last night in Bristol, had wondered down this street before, so decided to pop down with the camera, could have spent another couple of hours getting more. I’ve also played with perspective a little to show some of them off a bit better, so there are minor black bits showing at the side of photos.. But you probably wouldn’t have spotted that if i hadn’t said…

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Jim Bob, Gracetonbury 2011

Jim Bob at Gracetonbury, it’s always good to see Jim play, which he doesn’t do much anymore, he’s too busy swanning off with his new celeb friends and his side project band who are playing 2 gigs in november…

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Malowski, Gracetonbury 2011

When i first discovered Abdou & Jim Bob’s solo stuff, i also discovered Malowski, who were signed to Les’s label… Now many many years later, i got see them play live… They were a lot tighter than i expected after such a long gap between playing… Got a few decent photos

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Clifton Suspension Bridge

Well this is my last week down here in Bristol, and we did think about going see the Severn Bore but decided it would be too dark by the time it got in, so went to get some photos of the Clifton Suspension Bridge instead…

so here they are…
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