Art Brut & Keith Top Of The Pops & His Minor UK Indie Celebrity All-Star Backing Band

I really hope i got Keith’s band name correct, or i’m going to look silly…
but not sure how to sum up the near chaos of Keith TOTP & Band, there are 8 guitars, 1 bass, 2 brass and a drummer with several people singing backing, but it’s never a mess… it all just seems to fall into place..

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Now on to the main band, Art Brut, I’ve known them for about 8 years now at least. I asked permission to do photos and was told no problem, usual 3 songs no flash, but also, don’t photo Freddy (the bassist) she doesn’t like photos, she has strayed into one or two but i behaved, apart from going well past the 3 songs… but only occasionally…

And click on the photo of “New Boy” Jasper (he’s only been in the band 7 years) to see the rest of the set

Carter USM, The Frank & Walters, Sultans Of Ping & Clinton USM – Brixton Academy

Ok so this took me a lot longer to get up than i was hoping, but at long last here they are…
Manchester was a better venue than Brixton, the stage was smaller so everyone was closer, but Brixton was good fun, I was on my own as Raych decided not to do London, And the aftershow was good fun, even if i did stay up all night, get kicked out the venue at 5am, stuck on late trains and finally got home 26 hours after i left… 🙂

but anyway, there are 4 photos below, if you click on each photo will take you to the gallery of each lot

Clinton USM

The Frank & Walters

The Sultans of Ping

Carter USM

Carter USM, The Frank & Walters & Tim Ten Yen – Manchester Academy

Well it’s Jim’s Birthday today so 1st I’d like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jim, after he gave us 2 great nights over the weekend, secondly I’d like to thank Les for sorting out the passes so i could get these photos…. and thirdly – fingers crossed I’ll be posting the Brixton photos tomorrow but it may be Thursday. The Brixton photos will be The Frank & Walters, Sultans of Ping, Carter USM AND… Clinton USM all the way from Japan

as always click on the photo to see the set – each band have their own gallery

Tim Ten Yen
Tim Ten Yen - Manchester Academy

The Frank & Walters
The Frank & Walters - Manchester Academy

Carter USM (aka Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine)
Carter USM - Manchester Academy - Jimbob

Jim Bob, Gracetonbury 2011

Jim Bob at Gracetonbury, it’s always good to see Jim play, which he doesn’t do much anymore, he’s too busy swanning off with his new celeb friends and his side project band who are playing 2 gigs in november…

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Malowski, Gracetonbury 2011

When i first discovered Abdou & Jim Bob’s solo stuff, i also discovered Malowski, who were signed to Les’s label… Now many many years later, i got see them play live… They were a lot tighter than i expected after such a long gap between playing… Got a few decent photos

As always click on the one below to see them all

Tim Ten Yen, Gracetonbury 2011

It’s Gracetonbury time again… only four bands this year…
Tim, Malowski, Jim Bob and Abdou…
probably appearing in that order..
you should all know Tim, Jim & Abdou by now, i’ve done enough photos of them
Malowski are a re-formed band… but will tell you more about them on their day…

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The Lovely Eggs, Lancaster

A band i first heard on Les “Fruitbat” Carters radio show, not sure how to describe them, so go listen for your self… They are a drum & guitar, male & female band, who sound NOTHING at all like the White Stripes (Yes that was your first thought)

anyway, click below to see the rest of the set