Art Brut & Keith Top Of The Pops & His Minor UK Indie Celebrity All-Star Backing Band

I really hope i got Keith’s band name correct, or i’m going to look silly…
but not sure how to sum up the near chaos of Keith TOTP & Band, there are 8 guitars, 1 bass, 2 brass and a drummer with several people singing backing, but it’s never a mess… it all just seems to fall into place..

click on either photo to be taken to the gallery

Now on to the main band, Art Brut, I’ve known them for about 8 years now at least. I asked permission to do photos and was told no problem, usual 3 songs no flash, but also, don’t photo Freddy (the bassist) she doesn’t like photos, she has strayed into one or two but i behaved, apart from going well past the 3 songs… but only occasionally…

And click on the photo of “New Boy” Jasper (he’s only been in the band 7 years) to see the rest of the set

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