WWT Martin Mere 8

Photos from very nearly a year ago… but they were hard to sort out, even with a 400mm lens the kingfishers were just a little too small, so they needed heavily cropping.. so they aren’t the best photos in the world… but i thought i’d share…

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Bristol Harbour

I’m currently working down in Bristol, so took the chance to go and visit a friend who lives near by, so we took a walk along the harbour and took a few snapshots… not bad for an hours work 🙂

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Voidstalker – Publicity Photos

Well Mark, who previously has been in bands my old band played with and THEN, he joined our band, has a new band… and wanted some publicity photos, so me & Raych went up to Manc to do some, some of the photos on here were taken on my camera, but with a lot of input from Raych, so i can’t claim them as mine… 🙂

there are posed photos, live rehearsal photos, and mixed IR photos
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The Lovely Eggs, Lancaster

A band i first heard on Les “Fruitbat” Carters radio show, not sure how to describe them, so go listen for your self… They are a drum & guitar, male & female band, who sound NOTHING at all like the White Stripes (Yes that was your first thought)

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The Thyme Machine, Lancaster

Wasn’t until i got to the gig that i realised that i already knew one of the members of this band, Joe who used to be In Awwblot. The Thyme Machine are nothing like them, but still a really good band….

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Ice Pops for Breakfast, Lancaster

Well i got a little behind on a lot of my photos, these are from about 6 months ago… and only just got around to doing them… Tomorrow & Wednesday will have the other bands from the same gig, The Thyme Machine and The Lovely Eggs

Some people may recognise Benni from his previous bands, so i’ve got with a started photo of one of the other members 🙂

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