Sunset In Aberystwth

Just some random photos taken out of the hotel window, the normal ones are done in HDR – apart from the very 1st one in the gallery, the IR ones are just in IR.. nice & simples

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Blackpool Fireworks

A small break from the animules, thought i’d get some more recent photos up, these are from night 2 of the Blackpool firework competition, 1st attempt at a large firework display, didn’t do TOO badly… all good fun & learning…

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Paignton Zoo

Well we had a few hours to spare so decided to nip to this zoo, was just literally a flying visit, hence only a few photos, mostly the big cats, but have used a photo of a gorilla below, just to lull you into a false sense of security

Isle Of Wight Zoo

Again another Zoo, i did tell you there were lots of zoo photos… this one from one of my favourite Zoo’s IOW – if only cos they have a white tiger and a golden tabby tiger called Diamond who’s birthday it was the day we went… I could have spent another day at this place just photographing the tigers and the lions… Didn’t even really get around to the Lemur’s. and i also tried out the IR camera again, can anybody lend me the money for a new 5D mkII so i can convert my old one to IR as the D60 i’m currently using is slow…. 🙂

Port Lympne

yet more holiday zoo photos, although this one includes the FIRST photos taken by the public of some new born tiger cubs, AND a lion that’s extinct in the wild…

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Thrigby Hall

And another Zoo from our holidays (we did Nature reserve one day and a zoo the next really, but i’ve sorted the Zoo ones out first as they are easier really…) anyway Thrigby Hall not Thirgby as i kept calling it, is a nice a little Zoo, almost petting zoo size, but with some bigger animals, and one of our first meetings with a black leopard, which are almost IMPOSSIBLE to photograph… i did get one or two somewhere else, but you’ll see them at a later date

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Colchester Zoo

One from the Holiday, and lots more to come…
Colchester Zoo, was meant to be meeting up with a friend this day but for various reasons it didn’t happen, so we’ll have to go back for a return visit (not too much of an issue, was a really nice zoo)

Spent quite a bit of the day and took many photos of the leopards, now it seems that leopards don’t like me, although this one was just giving me lots of looks, other times they’ve actively growled and gone for me (thank dog (or cat) for chain link)

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Well as part of learning, i’ve started new techniques, one of which is star trails, always knew about them, but never really had the chance to try them, so when we were over on Skomer Island and had ZERO light pollution, I tried some, we didn’t really leave it long enough to get proper star trails but have tried a few times since, clouds are a major issue, as is light pollution as you’ll see some of the photos have turned out Yellow/Orange…

There are only really one or two photos in each album, but i decided to lump it into just the 1 post….

Gracetonbury 2010

Well, i’ve been a little lax over summer, been taking lots of photos, and been slow in sorting them out and getting them up here, those that i have got up in the gallery, i’ve not done posts for yet, and still got another 23 sets of photos to sort out, and still taking more….

Anyway here is links to the various bands that i did photos of for Gracetonbury @ The Windmill in Brixton
The one problem is the lighting never changed from RED…. i could have played a little more but hey, not enough time…

White Witches

Subliminal Girls

The Dead Puppeteers

AND in Infra Red

and Finally – The Mighty Abdoujaparov

The chaos that was Allergy will be coming in another post…