Retrospective : Lyme Park 2009

Well as the title suggests, this is some of my older photos from last year, which haven’t had a post of their own, so i thought i’d collect them together while i’m working on some new ones… some of these photos are over a year old… and starting from about 1 months after i got my DSLR….

Just a walk around Lyme Park

National Trust Guided Deer Calf Walk

A trip out in a Lyme Park 4×4 with the head warden

National Trust Guided Deer Rut Walk

Chester Zoo 11 (Elephant & Jaguar Walk)

After i had done the infra-red photos we were being taken around the Zoo in the evening after it had closed, with special amount being talked about the Elephants and the Jaguars, no i’ll be honest, the elephants don’t really interest me that much… but i love the big cats so was looking forward to that… there was a few of us with camera’s including a really nice young lad, who’s birthday it was, who like us, dragged his heels when we were forced to leave the jaguars only for them to then go after the food they were given, so all 3 of us carried on taking photos… No-one said anything when we rejoined them at the flamingos 🙂

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Chester Zoo 11 (IR)

As we were at Chester Zoo in the evening, we decided to head over early afternoon and takes some more photos, i decided to get out my Infra-Red camera for a change and see what it will bring… and here are the results

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Woburn Safari Park

On the way back from the Cat Survival Trust, we drove past a sign for Woburn Safari Park, which as members of Chester Zoo, we get free entry to, so off we went… It was ok, nothing too special, but got some good photos

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The Cat Survival Trust

This is a brilliant place, you can’t just turn up as it isn’t open to the public BUT if you ring ahead and become a member they will take you on a guided tour, REALLY worth a visit if you can make it there

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Martin Mere 5

And another trip to the Ron Barker Hide (not the Ronnie Barker Hide as we originally remembered it) with fingers crossed to SEE a kingfisher, never mind photograph one, and with spring watch winding us up every week with film of them… but alas not a flicker… although Raych did see what we believe to be a mink in the grass… another trip coming soon hopefully…

Chestnut Centre

So we nipped over to this place, basically it’s an Otter & Owl sanctuary, unfortunately the owl enclosures were a little too far away from the barrier to get decent photos so lots of otter photos…

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Abdoujaparov, Lancaster

and now the headline, Les “Fruitbat” Carter’s Abdoujaparov (say that quickly 3 times) also featuring Richie, Johnny aka Carlton & Bomber, great band as always, looking forward to the next gig, where ever that might be… and hopefully Ben might be back on keys after swanning off with Jamie…

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The Dead Puppeteers, Lancaster

Off upto Lancaster for a gig, with 2 friends bands playing… Support band today, and Headline tomorrow 🙂
The support band features my good friend Benni Beard, who’s previous band i’ve played in on several occasions, this time i was merely an observer and recorder of images….

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Chester Zoo 10

Quick trip to Chester Zoo & a play with the Infra-Red Camera @ the Jaguars. I like being a member of Chester Zoo, so many free trips and the chance to play and learn so many new tricks taking photos of the same animals over & over again

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