Lyme Park Again

Another visit to this National Trust place, and a return trip to the Secret Garden, which is so secret we found out we’re not allowed in there.. oops… oh well, we’re going to be grown up about it and ask permission to take another visit at some point in the future.

Only a few photos from this day… but click below to see them all

Chris T-T @ The Wells, Leeds

The day after seeing Jimbob in Manchester, Jim was playing in Leeds with support from Chris T-T, I’ve seen Chris play a few times before, but never had my camera at that point (well except for when he was Jim’s Piano Man on the last tour)

as always click on the photo below for more

Manchester School of Samba in Stockport

After the Two Cities Boat Race last weekend, we sent an e-mail to the Manchester School of Samba and found out they were playing around the corner from us on Saturday, so decided to pay them a visit again, this time they were on the move around Stockport Town Center, so lots of backtracking and running to keep them a “safe” distance away

as always click below for more photos

Fallow Dear @ Lyme Park

T’was a busy weekend, not only did we do the Boat Race, we also went for a quick trip to Lyme Park to see the fallow deer, and while wondering around, we found a secret garden… and hopefully will be visiting and be able to gain entry to it again this weekend… so expect more photos…

Two Cities Boat Race, Dragon Boats, Cheerleaders & Samba Dancing

Well that was a long title… but it includes everything… I’ve separated them into separate albums, but thought i’d just do one post

The first lot of photos are of the Dragon Boat Race & The Two Cities Boat Race, to be honest these aren’t my favourite, but they are of the people rowing 🙂

The second set of photos are of the Cheerleaders (Manchester’s, I missed Salford’s) and some Samba Dancing from The Manchester School of Samba

and thirdly is the things that wouldn’t fit in the other two, including some wildlife & some HDR shots

South Lakes Animal Park – Wide Angle

These are just a taster from the Park, as we knew a lot of animals were free roaming and our usual lenses have a minimum focusing distance, we decided to take our old cameras along as well with the 20mm wide angle lens on it, so we didn’t have to swap constantly

as always click below for more… only a few though, these are just the tasters

Chester Zoo 9

As the link suggests this is my 9th visit to Chester Zoo, but we took a different route around and tried to go for animals we haven’t really tried before, so got some interesting photos…

as always click below for more photos