The Indelicates, Chester

After the trip to the zoo, i drove all of 10 miles to the venue were the Indelicates were playing, and after sitting looking quite dodgy in the car park copying all the photos off from the Zoo so i would have some room for photos, so here are the photos from that gig..

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Chester Zoo 8

Well another trip to Chester Zoo – this time solo, as Raych is working & I’m not… so had a nice walk around, and spent ages chatting to one of the keepers at the cheetahs, and the vicious meerkats

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Gauntlet Bird of Prey Center

A surprise discovery last week, when heading to a slightly more upmarket supermarket for some specific items, and just happened to drive past it, so decided to call in a few days later, a small place, but with some really good viewing of birds, and the flight shows (which i really need more practice at) and all the staff seemed really nice, will definitely be visiting again

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Chester Zoo 7

Well, 7th visit to Chester Zoo in the last year, think we can safely say we like this place 🙂 This time we spent about 2 hours at the Jaguar house, but that pesky melanistic one still won’t come outside…

and of course we had to head over and see the new arrival of the giant otter, who for his size is FAST… managed to get a couple of photos before he went and hid at the other side of his enclosure

and i missed Ben Fogle, who was pretty much stood behind me (although about 10 ft behind me) while i was photographing the lions

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Lisa Ashley

Well a friend of mine is buggering off down south and had a leaving party the other week, and we had a singer, the lighting in the pub wasn’t great, neither was my photography that night, but the singer was good 🙂 – here’s the photos

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