Longleat – Day 2

Well the following day we went back – as the tour included a visit to the safari park again, which we decided to use the next day, sadly we missed the tigers being fed (we had entered the lions before we noticed what was happening) but got some great photos of the lions being fed

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Longleat – Day 1

Well, for our joint birthdays, Raych & I went on a safari, in a safari park.. we were driven around by Mike, who seemed to know everything about everything, lots & lots of photos were taken, around the other people in the Jeep so some came out with black bands, heads & windows in the way, some also had strange angles… All of which i fixed (mostly) in post

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The Indelicates, Leicester

Well, one of my favourite bands, seen them many times, and this time as a 3-piece acoustic gig, as they are currently under going some line-up changes (hopefully they won’t mind me mentioning that). There were 2 support acts, wasn’t too keen on the first, and the second were better, was tempted to do some photos of them, but the light was just a couple of static spots, one white, one red, and maybe a couple of others that were over powered… Anyway The Indelicates did pretty much a set of new songs from the new album, with a couple classics, but with the snapping of a string the fun started to happen, with Al playing a single drum stick, and Simon deciding to give Al his guitar back and playing drums… which went fine till he stood up, and sat down again and vanished behind the curtain… but i’ll let Simon tell that story

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Infra-Red Gallery

Well, here is the infra-red gallery all up & running… not the greatest photos in world, am still learning, and these are quite tricky… the newest are 1st (and the better ones) as usual click below photo to see more