Chester Zoo 5

So another trip to Chester Zoo and as the name suggests this was the 5th visit. The aim was to get the animals we hadn’t on previous trips, this included the Jaguars, Spectacled Bears, Rhinos. Well we got 2 out of the 3, and still couldn’t get the black jaguar, and the bears were in hiding, but we also got the usual suspects, the tigers and leopards

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Martin Mere 3

Well we went for a little trip to Martin Mere again (part of the WWT) 2 of the things on our list were the “baby” beaver and the otters, plus the birds that are out on the actual Mere – the baby beaver we couldn’t get that great photos of because he was behind glass, but the otters didn’t fail us… well they did, by moving so fast we struggled to get many decent photos and ended up just aiming and hoping… anyway as always click on the photo below to go straight to the gallery (or click gallery over on the right to see all the albums)

Etherow Country Park

Well this weekend we went a wondering around a local country park – mostly to try and get some waterfall photos… this part was successful, there are waterfall photos, not brilliant, but have a better understanding on what needs to be done next time, but on the way back to the car, we saw a cormorant at the side of the water… who happily posed for us till we got bored… 🙂

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Everybody was in the French Resistance… Now!

Well on Saturday, i had the pleasure of seeing an old friend again, Mr Eddie Argos and his lovely girlfriend Dyan, in their side project band “Everybody was in the French Resistance… Now!”. Their other bands being Art Brut & The Blood Arm (the latter i’ve yet to listen to…) but this was a last minute pre-tour tour, the opening night had been in Cambridge and the band had left their backing tracks in the kitchen of Eddie’s London home, fortunately they had them backed up on an ipod… They were also joined by Dave from The Mighty Lemon Drops, who i only remember from a friend who said they were really good, cos they swore a lot (i was 11!).

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